The CM2 product family

CM2 Cables and Winches

The CM2's telemetry is so versatile that it can handle coaxial or twisted pair cables from 50m up to 6000m long. CM2 tow cables carry both power and signal on a single pair of conductors enabling both coaxial or twisted pair cables to be used with no user modifications required when switching cable types.

C-MAX can supply a range of winches and cables from 50m kevlar armoured coax suitable for shallow water surveys to 1000m of steel armoured twisted pair on an electric winch.

The CM2 portable winch

The CM2 portable winch and 4.7mm cableSpecifications

The CM2 portable winch, second shot

The CM2 portable winch with 300m cable capacity can be hand carried to the survey vessel and features:

Winch cover

PVC protective cover

An optional PVC cover is available to protect the winch when installed on deck.

CSW-7 Winch and cable

The CSW-7 Electric winch from AGO Environmental Electronics Ltd.

For larger cables up to 1000m in length, the CSW series winch from AGO Environmental Electronics is usually specified.

These winches feature:

For more details please contact AGO Environmental Electronics

Important information about towcable selection

It can be assumed, as a "rule of thumb", that the length of tow cable required for a sidescan sonar towfish is about 3 times the depth of the towfish. This is because the drag on the tow cable causes it to lie at an angle astern. A normal towing altitude for the towfish is between 5 and 20m metres above the seabed.

For search depths down to approximately 40m the 'soft' kevlar/coax (CX) cable may be used, but, because the cable is light, it will drag out to a shallower angle astern than steel-armoured tow cables for the same speed. CX cables are available in 50m and 100m lengths, plus longer options to special order.

For search depths covering from very shallow down to 80-100m the 4.7mm (LOG5) cable on the CM2 winch is a convenient option.

To reach deeper tow depths this LOG5 cable can be used on a larger winch. If the required depths increase even further, a heavier armoured tow cable with a diameter of 8.2mm or 11.4mm is normally needed.