C-MAX Download page

Welcome to the C-MAX download page. From here you can access the latest drivers, product updates and copies of the user manual in electronic form.

A number of files are distributed in PDF format and a suitable viewer is required.

Product Specifications

CM2 Towfish

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CM2 Sonar Transceiver

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MaxView acquisition software - a detailed description of features

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C-Shell waterproof enclosure

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CM2 Winch

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Wing depressor

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CM2 Brochure

The latest CM2 Brochure is now available to download.

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MaxView acquisition software

MaxView acquisition software for Windows 2000 or later.

This version of the installer includes the HASP Hardlock and USB Transceiver drivers as a single installation package. New installations can use this single file to easily install all required drivers onto the survey computer.

Current version:

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MaxView dongle drivers

This package contains the drivers for the HASP Hardlock used by MaxView.

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CM2 Sonar Transceiver USB drivers

Driver installation package for Windows 2000 or later. Run this installer before connecting the STR.

Current version: 2.08.30

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C-Shell Internal GPS driver

Driver installation package for Windows 2000 or later.

Current version: Installer version 1.3.0

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FTClean utility

The FTClean utility is used to clean a Windows system of incorrectly installed STR drivers

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Counting pulley display

The counting pulley display interfaces both types of counting pulley to a Windows PC.

Current version: 2.0

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User documentation

CM2 User Manual

A revised edition of the manual with up to date coverage of the CM2 system operation and maintenance.

Current version: 4.0

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CM2 User Manual, Magnetometer supplement

Additional information covering the CM2 magnetometer interface

Current version: 1.4

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MaxView User Manual

A comprehensive manual covering the operation of MaxView acquisition software

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Using a chart overlay image in MaxView

Instructions for generating chart overlay images for the MaxView plotter from Google Earth

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