The CM2 product family

CM2 Acquisition hardware

STR Image

The CM2 Sonar Transceiver unitSpecifications

The Sonar Transceiver (STR) interfaces the towfish to an external data acquisition computer via a USB link. It makes the sonar appear to the computer as a USB peripheral and also powers the towfish.

The STR integrates seamlessly with C-MAX's MaxView acquisition software or can also be used with acquisition software from other leading manufacturers. Please see the Software section of the site or contact us for more information.

Rack mount tray image

Optional rack mount tray

An optional 2U rack mounting tray is available, allowing the user to install the STR in a 19" rack. Provision is made for permanent wiring of DC power via DIN rail terminals, and a front panel switch is included. Cut-outs in the front panel allow easy viewing of the power and trigger LEDs during operation.

C-Shell image

The C-Shell waterproof enclosureSpecifications

The C-Shell provides a rugged, waterproof enclosure for the STR. This enclosure is ideal for open boat use and is available with an integrated GPS.

Reliable, rugged connectors, mounted in a recessed panel provide easy connection of DC power, the CM2 tow cable, and the USB link to the acquisition computer. An integrated USB hub provides a secure location to install hardware dongles, used by most acquisition software packages.